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Revitalization | by The Big Cheeşe
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The last two missions slipped through our fingers as we were relieved from active duty. Previously met, 'Taint,' received a transfer since last time. The details were vague, leaving us to be confused. Our squad was one of the finest, so to lose a member would no doubt be drastic. By the time we'd find our fourth member, the next objective led us to the spice mines littering Kessel. We met on the surface to highlight the objective in our briefing. As I went over the mission, a gunship landed, and there he was.


He hopped out of the gunship with a skip, gallop and jump. You had to be kidding me about this sick joke. His rifle was longer than his height so it was dragging on the ground. At this point, I was begging that it was a prank. When he explained his designated position, my heart stopped pumping blood. Apparently he was to be the team medic, the trooper who helps the wounded and cares for the sick. I suppose the DNA on Kamino has been extended more than enough. If all troops are like this, we've lost the war. I'll tell you that much.


- CC-1010, 'Commando Copper'




Scavenger Squad:



Alias: Copper

Rank: Commando

Legion: 707th

Primary Weapon: Modified DC-17 w/ barrel extension

Secondary Weapon: Tactical Compact Blade

Specified Duty: Leader in Command



Alias: Rolex

Rank: Commando

Legion: 707th

Primary Weapon: Primed Sonic-Charged Shotgun

Secondary Weapon: Rearranged DC-17 sidearm

Specified Duty: Demolitions and Firearms Expert



Alias: Quartz

Rank: Commando

Legion: 707th

Primary Weapon: DC-15S Blaster

Secondary Weapon: Tactical Compact Knife

Specified Duty: Medical Aid



Alias: Blues

Rank: Commando

Legion: 707th

Primary Weapon: DC-15x Sniper Rifle with undermounted barrel attachment

Secondary Weapon: Sonic Tranquilizer

Specified Duty: Sniper




Sand colouring. <3

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Taken on August 8, 2012