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457th Corps - Mission 8.1 - Other Shots

" Dive into action"


- Lieutenant Copper


Copper Company received the call to battle and before we knew it, our forces were transported over to Manaan, a planet with a similar environment to Kamino. At first you'd think that it would be almost like home but once we touched down, it was just as hostile as Gand. We didn't get no open-arms welcoming or anything as pleasing. Manta Subfighters were already opening fire on the inhabitants, leaving us to defend 'em. Letting them down was no option so the GAR fired and we hit 'em hard.



-This vignette was simpler than many of the others but I directed my attention toward making that Demolition Droid. Probably the most difficult part of this build, it made it difficult to figure out a way to make the Hydrostatic Bubbles, as well. In the end, I made part of a bubble, however, it didn't look bubbly at all so I removed it. I'm just not good with bubbly things...


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Taken on May 1, 2011