A model of the well-known "DR BR 52" of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn". More than 7000 units of this tender locomotive have been built since 1942. It is often referred to as a "war locomotive" because it was specially designed for war conditions and the resulting shortage of raw materials. Even after the war, these locomotives were still in use for a long time, distributed throughout Europe. The retirement of the Deutsche Bahn took place in 1962.

The model can be powered by two Power-Functions L-motors. Both engines and the infrared receiver are installed in the boiler. The battery box finds place in the tub tender. The locomotive consists of approx. 1218 components and is approx. 64 studs long. The model has some details, such as the undercarriage, the superstructure on the boiler or the striking tub tender.

More information and instructions available on: www.bricks-on-rails.de
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