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Winternight | by Brick.Ninja
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"Winternight visits just beginning, then, before anyone knew what was happening, those... those things were right in the streets with us, slashing at people with their swords, torching houses, howling to freeze a man's blood." He made a sound of disgust in his throat. "We just ran like chickens with a fox in the henyard till Master Lan put some backbone into us and Moiraine called ball lightning out of a clear night sky," Master al'Vere said. "Sent it darting straight at the Trollocs. You've seen trees shattered by it. The Trollocs stood it no better."


"Moiraine?" Rand said incredulously, and the Mayor nodded.


"Mistress Moiraine. And Master Lan was a whirlwind with that sword of his. His sword? The man himself is a weapon, and in ten places at once, or so it seemed. Burn me, but I still wouldn't believe it if I couldn't step outside and see... It's still almost too much to believe. An Aes Sedai in Emond's Field. And Master Lan a Warder."


"An Aes Sedai?" Rand whispered. "She can't be. I talked to her. She isn't... She doesn't..."


"Did you think they wore signs?" the Mayor said wryly. "'Aes Sedai' painted across their backs, and maybe, 'Danger, stay away'?"


Paraphrased from

The Eye of the World, Chapter Seven

Book One of The Wheel of Time

By Robert Jordan

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Taken on August 24, 2021