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Shiva class quark bomber. Final. Shiptember 2016 | by Brick Martil
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Shiva class quark bomber. Final. Shiptember 2016

My MOC is finally done. This is my first SHIPtember ever. Building a SHIP is pretty interesting experience. I have a lot fun. Thanks for everyone for support and feedback. I have started this build on 17 August, so I did it in less than one month;)


Why Quark bomber? I was looking for an idea for a long time. I ve wanted to build something in minifig scale with dynamic look. Finally I decided to make large bomber. Not regular, oridinary bomber. Quark bomber.

Quark bomb is a weapon of mass destruction. Destroyer of the worlds. This is not my idea. I ve found it in a novel "Lord from planet Earth" writed by Sergey Lukyanenko. (Is very possible that you ve seen Night Watch and Day Watch movies based on his others novels.)


Quark bomb is starting chain process of desintegration bonds beetween sub atomic particles. Nothing can stop this reaction. Planet is falling apart into a cloud of quark dust in couple of days. This weapon is a final argument. Officially is not alowed to use by civilizations in galaxy but most of empires is still keeping it secretly. Shiva bomber officially is not exist.

To give a chance for the crew, shiva bomber is equipped with the most powerfull hyper engine invent by GAYA Empire enginners. Is able to hyper jump from gravity field of a planet. Power consumption of this bomber is comperable with destroyers.


Some technical details:

150 studs long

80 studs width

44 studs hight.


Inreal scale this spaceship is 55 meters long.



1 quark bomb

16 100MT thermonuclear missles

2 tungsten bars turets



1 pilot, 1 gunner

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Taken on September 14, 2016