Atomic Moon Rocket

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Yeah. Three guesses what inspired it.

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  1. [Carter] 86 months ago | reply

    Isn't it spelled Tintin?

  2. legovaughan 86 months ago | reply

    But where are Snowy and Captain Haddock?

  3. Γηεψλ 86 months ago | reply

    captain haddock is the one not looking in the telescope

  4. msjacoby 86 months ago | reply

    Love that lil gradient at the top!

  5. SAM.R.I 86 months ago | reply

    Wallace and Gromit go to the moon!!!

  6. ·Will· 86 months ago | reply

    But seriously, nice, as always..

  7. Γηεψλ 86 months ago | reply

    Go cap yourself, Will.

  8. gIadius 86 months ago | reply

    Now make the giant tank thing they ride around in :D

    EDIT: Mmm I have a model of the Tintin rocket in my bedroom.

  9. Scøtty 86 months ago | reply

    I own almost all of the Tintin books
    This one (two) is my second favorite, behind cigars of the pharohs

  10. sirbugge 86 months ago | reply

    no-no, Captain Haddock is the one drinking out of the big flask - it's only halfway disguised as a telescope - didn't you guys read the album?

    Nice work Soren

  11. mjolnir001 86 months ago | reply

    The thor's hammer says- Fucking awesome!

  12. mattebb 86 months ago | reply

    freakin hell, that is so good. I loved tin tin!

  13. Chrastin 85 months ago | reply

    love the stairs

    i love all your work!

  14. Tim Ltd 79 months ago | reply

    I would have said Wallace and Gromit, as they made a rocket like that... xD

  15. - FER - 72 months ago | reply

    Haaaaaaaa! Genial

  16. H T D 72 months ago | reply

    tintin as! love it

  17. yasu2909 71 months ago | reply

    tintin!!! ahhh loved it !
    i wish i had enough lego to build this too hehehehe

  18. LegoMyMamma 55 months ago | reply

    Hi, Brick~Busters group found your MOC has been swiped and is being used on LEGO Universe Creation Lab pages to gain prizes. This Screenshot below contains a LINK to the swiper's page where you can submit a Request for Removal comment -- be sure to include a link to your original photo.


  19. Pipcard 45 months ago | reply

    cute rocket! i love these kinds of rockets.

  20. Mao Ranma 23 months ago | reply

    Yea, I was thinking Wallace and Gromit too

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