The "Radialign" laser alignment device ensures refractory is installed perpendicular to the axis of the kiln. The use of the Radialign prevents errors from being made due to manual measurement from distorted or worn away weld seams. This in turn means longer refractory life due to less mechanical stress. Our customers were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the old methods for determining radial alignment and were frustrated with the amount of downtime of their kilns due to improperly installed brick. It is critical to install the brick perpendicular to the axis of the kiln. If the bricks are not placed in the proper alignment, the chance for premature brick failure will greatly increase. We have documented cases of the laser being used for the first time inside of a kiln and the laser’s accuracy discovered improperly installed retaining rings; these retaining rings are the foundation for properly installed brick.

1. The purchase of a laser can be justified simply by the cost of lost brick due to improper radial alignment
2. Lost brick also adds up to premature shutdown of the kiln and thousands of dollars in lost production
3. The laser can be used to mark a large section of the kiln in about an hour
4. The laser will precisely locate retaining rings and other high cost specialty refractory products
5. The laser will give the kiln maintenance supervisor instant feedback and quality control
6. The laser ensures that the bricking crew or bricking contractor has maintained proper radial alignment
7. The plant can eliminate the radial alignment debate with the brick supplier if there is an unexpected failure in the brick lining
8. Comes complete with rechargeable batteries and A/C adapter
9. Easy to follow instruction manual
10. Durable extruded aluminum bodies protect the internal components
11. The Radialign can be assembled and ready for work in less than 30 minutes
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