Kiln Access Ramps
We have spent many years traveling to plants all over the world. During this time we have had many discussions about the different types of access ramps we have seen. We came to the conclusion that it was time to develop a simple lightweight ramp that would allow access for all of the current technology being used in the maintenance of the rotary kiln. Most kiln ramps were heavy steel, undersized, and clumsy. These ramps did not consider all of the latest bricking technology and equipment that could be utilized with a modern designed kiln access ramp. Access ramps were generally afterthoughts thrown together to solve a short term or dimensional problem.

We came up with some simple criteria--the ramp must be lightweight, portable, strong in design, worker-friendly, and last a lifetime. We designed a ramp out of aluminum that could carry the load of a fork truck fully loaded with a pallet of brick and be wide enough for a large tear out machine and smart enough to be easily positioned and bolted together. Building the ramp in components allowed us to customize each ramp to fit into different access designs. The ramps have safety curbs and railing so the workers are ensured safe crossing with materials and equipment. We also designed a simple format to communicate with each customer's design needs--we worked directly with the plant engineers and supplied the plant with detailed drawings to ensure a perfect fit each and every time.

Structural Components 6061-T6 Aluminum
Load Capacity 6,800 kg (15,000 lb)
3/8” Non-skid diamond plate aluminum deck
14cm high safety curb running full length of bridge
Removable Safety Fall Guards
Ramp Feet contour to kild radius for stability
CE, OSHA and AWS D1.2 Compliant
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