Jayne's cunning hat

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    Super awesome thanks to Lauren (user ellebeie on Reddit) for knitting Jayne this splendid hat for me.

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    1. l Voyager l 32 months ago | reply

      i was thinking of making the exact same thing today

    2. NickMean 32 months ago | reply

      Where's Veera?

    3. plums_deify 32 months ago | reply

      That is impressive.

    4. brickfrenzy 32 months ago | reply

      I removed Vera from Jayne's grip for this picture, so that you can see the fig better. Otherwise the gun sort of overwhelms him.

    5. tpcowan 32 months ago | reply

      Very nice.

    6. Proudlove 32 months ago | reply

      Wow! That's a new level of awesome.

    7. Titolian 32 months ago | reply

      Words fail me...in a good way :)

    8. tbone_tbl 32 months ago | reply

      And now to go with your trump-everyone-else ship you have a trump-everyone-else Jayne.

    9. Jujem71 32 months ago | reply

      ROFL. That's Brilliant. Made my day

    10. : VolumeX : 31 months ago | reply

      Oh my gosh but this is so cool!

    11. ceotty 29 months ago | reply

      I think it's the sweetest minifig ever.

    12. Beroya052 29 months ago | reply

      Is there a tutorial for the Jayne minifig? or a shop where we can buy it?

    13. blizatrex 29 months ago | reply

      this is great. any idea how long it took to make?

    14. Ellebeie 29 months ago | reply

      - It took longer to knit than I thought it would take only because it was a lot of fidgety knitting. I made two or three samples before I actually finished this one. This one took about two hrs or so, including the pom pom . .but I love the end result! As for the Jayne minifig, that's a Brickfrenzy original.

    15. Saber-Scorpion 28 months ago | reply

      That is simply awesome.

    16. traveldel 28 months ago | reply

      That's the cutest mini-Jayne hat ever.

    17. Alan / Falcon 24 months ago | reply

      This is just the icing on the cake that is this incredible awesome mindblowing project.

    18. SharlzG 23 months ago | reply

      Oh wow - I want this so badly!

    19. nisa's photos 15 months ago | reply

      OMG - that's just amazing!

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