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    For the Big In Japan display at Brick Con 2010, Raideen is the title mecha from the 1970s anime Brave Raideen, known as one of the first transforming mecha.

    It's based on Brian Cooper's awesome Teknomeka frame.

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    1. peterlmorris 55 months ago | reply

      Holy carp it's huge. What did he transform into?

    2. brickfrenzy 55 months ago | reply

      He would transform into God Bird mode had I chosen to make it do so. God Bird is a jet / bird hybrid.

    3. gambort 55 months ago | reply

      Those hands are superb, Adrian.

    4. the oneman 55 months ago | reply

      Wow! Wonderful figure; I am really impressed .

    5. Apocalust 55 months ago | reply

      What a beast of a build. Nice work, man.

    6. Castlestrike666© 55 months ago | reply

      The whole thing is massive! But I particularly love the very realistic hands!

    7. jwhittenburg 55 months ago | reply

      Very nice Adrian, this screams Big In Japan!

    8. klaupacius 55 months ago | reply

      Like everyone else, Raideen has put on a little weight since the 70's, but he insists it's all muscle and he's ready for a come back. "Hit me in the stomach, I dare you!"

      I really like the sculpting in the chest/midsection/skirt.
      And the slick way you did the leg fin/stabilizer things.
      Well, I like all of it... except that there's no room for a minifig in the head after the "fade-in". ;-)
      These 70's giant robots were so giant that true minifig scale might yield a model over four feet tall.

    9. brickfrenzy 55 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I realized after I'd gotten about half way through the build that he was too fat for his height, but by then it was far to late to rebuild him in time for Con, so he is what he is.

      And until you invent a 4 foot tall Teknomeka armature, I don't think these will ever be 4 feet tall :)

    10. the wasteoid 55 months ago | reply

      My favourite super robot in lego form, brilliant !

    11. Firas Abu-Jaber 55 months ago | reply

      Very accurate! Great work.

    12. psiaki 55 months ago | reply

      I keep on looking at this thing and thinking about it being cool, but then every time I just get annoyed that he doesn't have any ankles. (obviously not your fault, but it just bothers me)

      Other than that it's really cool! Love the head and the "thigh" sections.

      I know there have been a fair number of these giant robots built, but has there ever been a gathering of them at a con? That would be sweet, to have 5 or 6 all together at once.

    13. DARKspawn 55 months ago | reply

      So very cool, well played

    14. brickfrenzy 55 months ago | reply

      He does have ankles. They're just very limited in use. The black cylinders that are in essence the engine thrusters in God Bird mode are his "feet", which have a small amount of left/right and front/back motion. The front/back motion is substantially limited by the fin, however, which is attached to the fronts of his legs.

      As for many at once, will this do?

    15. psiaki 55 months ago | reply

      ^that is awesome. Thanks!

    16. Phong Chang. 30 months ago | reply

      That's incredible! Classic Super Robots FTW!

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