Social Marketing Compass by Brian Solis and JESS3

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    As included in the new book Engage! OR get the poster here.

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    1. b_d_solis 55 months ago | reply

      Just an FYI, the title is going to be changed to the social compass...

    2. kujawski [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      Good to hear!

    3. coyenator 54 months ago | reply

      awesome work, again - appreciate it most because it sparks inquiry into practical use for planning? What would happen if the color wheels could digitally turn to align/explore/experiment or is this version indicating optimal alignment? Or maybe better ... a way to "click and pick" certain components (perhaps those a co/org is already engaged in or has strategies for) which would visually show gaps, challenges and/or missed opportunities? Still, a masterful visual assessment tool.

    4. gchagasteam 53 months ago | reply

      Excellent! That's all I can say.

    5. Proyecto Latino [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

      So on point and in tune with social media. Very nice indeed!

    6. styleandflow 50 months ago | reply

      Great work, added to infographics gallery

    7. Jeffrey M. Webster 50 months ago | reply

      These visualizations just keep getting better and better. Thanks!

    8. Mini_Yum_Yum 46 months ago | reply

      MY FAVORITE!! I ❤ it!

    9. Bijou Living 46 months ago | reply

      Really appreciate you sharing this with us.
      My first thought was to slip 'Tastemaker' into the center point replacing brand. The tastemakers create the brand.

    10. RalphSparkle 46 months ago | reply

      How can any of you possibly know what it means without further explanation? And in that case, how can you therefore rate it? I call BS.

    11. Mini_Yum_Yum 46 months ago | reply

      obviously you have not the interest or knowledge of the interwoven web of social media & marketing. Cognitive thinking & thorough diligent thought & research would show you the meanings behind this graphic & the purpose that it serves.

    12. RalphSparkle 46 months ago | reply

      Haha. Go on then explain it to me.

    13. b_d_solis 46 months ago | reply

      Ralph, this image is an excerpt from a book that many of these individuals have read. It's fully discussed and explained in the book and in a series of blog posts about that particular chapter that I'm sure have crossed their paths as well.

    14. RalphSparkle 46 months ago | reply

      Yeah Brian, I know; but the book wasn't available till January 2010, and there aren't any obvious blogs actually struggling to explain the concept till even later. However, loads of these comments are from 2009.

      So again, how can any of those commenters possibly know what it meant without further explanation? And in that case, how did they therefore rate it for anything other than vague 'prettiness'?

    15. alex_buzatu 46 months ago | reply

      seo packages says:

      awesome, Brian, awesome!

    16. jimkelly67 46 months ago | reply

      Ralph, the value of the graphic does not necessarily need to be explained.

      No matter what Brian had in mind when he developed it, by itself, without any reference to the book, it presents a comprehensive look at the growing complexity of building a brand, and it certainly can be a catalyst of thinking by any thoughtful observer who is interested in more than judging or finding something in it with which to disagree.

    17. RalphSparkle 45 months ago | reply


      You say the value of the graphic does not necessarily need to be explained. You then go on to try to explain it. Thank you for doing what does not necessarily needs to be done.

      Well, you kind of explain its purpose, but not how to actually comprehend and use the diagram for this purpose. You also say it doesn't matter what Brian had in mind when he developed it. This likens the diagram to a piece of art; it doesn't matter what the artist had in mind as long as the viewer takes value from it.

      Essentially what is being said here is that this diagram doesn't need to be explained, could mean something different to what the author intended, and can be praised by people who don't know what it means. Kool Aid anyone?

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