December - January 2007
December 2006 - we leave Paros and pause a bit in Athens and London before heading home to our newly renovated little house in the Valley of Enchantment. - I read fortunes in Greek coffee dregs and try to settle in to life in the little house without Mom.

"A big box was waiting for me at the front door the other day. I opened it up (it weighed nearly nothing) to discover all the little costume novelties that I’d ordered a few weeks before for a photo shoot I’m setting up. Fortuitously, my goddaughter and her dad stopped by that night and Allea and I were able to dive in and start playing with them so I could snap a few test shots and get an idea of how I wanted to orchestrate the shoot.

The next day, I was checking my voice mail messages, and a sales rep from the costuming company had called to see if I was satisfied with the order. Her voice hesitated in the recording, then she asked “I just wanted to, you know, know what you’re doing.”

I glanced over at the open box next to me and the test shots of Allea from the night before. What do a faux meerschaum pipe, a Pilgrim’s bonnet, a fox mask, cat’s eye sunglasses and a red parasol have in common?

I think that's the question she was really trying to ask."
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