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    i got too way caught up in tonight...
    it was funny and painful mostly because it was true :) click the links and read that shit, it's some funny ass writing

    at some point it occurred to me, 'hm, i prolly ALREADY have a pic in my own photo stream for most of these..."

    (looks like their site got redditted --- doh! i retargeted some of the links below, but not all of em... you can figure it out)

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    1. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #81 graduate school
      every time i leave a job i always contemplate going back to school -- masters in chemistry? masters in spanish? nah... so far i've just pussed out and taken some extension classes.

    2. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #80 the idea of soccer
      sorry, the gay thing seems to override all of that. soccer is as douchey as every other sport. except cycling :P

    3. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #79 modern furntiture

      i even have the eames design coffee table book in my coffee table :) and the vitra chair poster on my wall :P


    4. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #78 multilingual children

      for a while there kel and i were talking about breeding and there was NO QUESTION in our minds that the child was going to be raised bilingual -- either spanish or japanese or ?? depending on the ethnicity of the donor. doesn't matter than the only languages kelly and i speak are english, german, objective-C, PHP, java, and C :)

      runnin cole around the block... or was it the other way around?

    5. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #77 musical comedy

      trannyshack, how we love thee!

    6. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #76 bottles of water

      while i tend to prefer liquor to H2O, i did attend the UN world water day conference where alice waters gave a talk about the evils of bottled water and how her restaurant was getting rid of it...

      alice waters...

    7. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #75 threatening to move to canada

      i hate bush as much as the next californian, but i'm more of a fighter than a runner. i have, however, threatened to move to canada to secure a reliable supply of these:

      welcome to canada....

    8. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #74 oscar parties
      i live in the castro. the entire neighborhood is practically deserted during the oscars, aka "The Gay Superbowl"

      i'm *still* pissed about The Color Purple getting the shaft.


    9. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #73 gentrification

      we gays practically invented it.

      new years eve collateral damage...
      yet another color...

    10. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #72 foreign study

      yep. did my junior year of college in germany :) and yes, i still bitch about how i can't get good laugenbrot in the states!

      my dorm in germany...

    11. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #71 being the only white person in the room
      goes double for being the only american (of any race) in the room when i'm traveling abroad.

    12. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #70 difficult breakups

      eight years. from age 18-26. and yeah, it took me forfuckingever to get over it all the way...


    13. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #69 mos def

      i'm more into the dirty old moose hoof than the mos def.

      (you HAVE to watch the first 30 seconds of that parody video if you haven't seen it)

    14. bkusler 85 months ago | reply

      #64 recycling

      even tho this year's trend is compostable take out containers


    15. bkusler 84 months ago | reply

      #96 new balance shoes...
      hey -- i get to use this picture twice

      snowing on the beach

    16. bkusler 81 months ago | reply

      gonna post some more of my corresponding photos as i read the book (it's next to the toilet right now, so expect no more than a couple a day... more if i forget to eat my roughage)...


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