Byrne Denham Perez

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    I just found this picture today. 11 years after it was taken.

    I cropped it close, but this picture shows that it was taken on March 15, 1998 at the Florida Mega-Con.

    I was debuting my comic, American Woman, at the show. John Byrne sat across from us and he had a huge line the whole weekend. I talked to George Perez at the end of the show one day, we talked before at a couple of shows in Dallas and I felt comfortable around him. I asked if I could get a picture with him and John Byrne who was leaving and walking right toward us.

    George said "Sure!" and yelled for John to come over. LOL I was so excited. George explained that I wanted a picture and John said a joke about kissing me on both sides. They laughed, leaned in and planted the smooches on me.

    Funniest moment in my life ever.

    I laughed a bit to myself thinking of the time I met Jack Kirby. I told the King that I didn't want an autograph, but I did want to shake his hand. As we were shaking hands I told him maybe his magic will rub off on me. He looked at me like I was a nut, of course I was a teenager at the time so I probably was a nut.

    I wonder what kind of magic would rub off through these kisses. I shudder to think...

    1. cburnham 74 months ago | reply

      A great picture but even better story. And I can't tell you how envious I am you met King Kirby. Something I always wanted to do, but never had an opportunity. I feel a huge wave of nostalgia when I read his stuff or read about him. The impact of the man on all our lives just cannot be measured.

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