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TZ10_20130130_P1040171 TZ10_20130130_P1040166 TZ10_20130130_P1040140 TZ10_20130130_P1040136 TZ10_20130130_P1040130 TZ10_20130130_P1040124 F550_20121102_DSCF1984 F550_20121102_DSCF1983 F550_20121102_DSCF1981 F550_20121102_DSCF1979 F550_20121102_DSCF1964 F550_20121102_DSCF1961 F550_20121102_DSCF1949 F550_20121102_DSCF1944 TZ10_20120908_P1030727 TZ10_20120908_P1030714 TZ10_20120908_P1030711 TZ10_20120908_P1030707 TZ10_20120908_P1030704 TZ10_20120908_P1030694

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Inigo Reyes says:

This set is pretty cool. Plenty of colors and relaxing sceneries. Thanks for sharing.
Posted 116 months ago. ( permalink )

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Barry Morten says:

Great set of pictures where did you take them various countries?
Posted 112 months ago. ( permalink )

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Brian P James says:

Thx BM21 ;-)
Actually they were all taken here in the UK, either close to home or while away at the coast on holiday
Posted 112 months ago. ( permalink )

joemack1 [deleted] says:

Great Set
Posted 111 months ago. ( permalink )

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