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I made this from a real Ipod ad for the Green My Apple campaign, and it was one of many creatives which the Apple user community put together to ask Steve Jobs to clean up Apple's act.

We won this campaign, and Apple today has removed all the chemicals we sought removed from their product line, and become a strong industry advocate of reducing ewaste. Power of the customer, writ large. Thanks everyone who made this happen!

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  1. missmac ages ago | reply

    Excellent job!

  2. Nney ages ago | reply

    I did :)

    green my apple - ipod

    Thank you Brian!!

  3. Brianfit ages ago | reply

    Outstanding, Nney!!!!! You also got the font size right on the logo, which I *damn* didn't!!!!! for links to more...

  4. Nney ages ago | reply

    Thank YOU Brian!!

  5. Brianfit ages ago | reply

    Gee. 17,000 views yesterday. 18,000 today. Where r all u peeps coming from??????

  6. usu* ages ago | reply

    it must be blogged or something:)

    i came via Subvertising Pool Group

  7. Brianfit ages ago | reply

    Ah, the answer to the riddle of the massive hits is at my blog. First page result on a g**gle image search for iPod!!!

  8. Nney ages ago | reply

    I love the McLuhan quote you have in your blog!
    I actually love all of Marshall McLuhan work.

    Hey have you read "Global Brain" by Howard Bloom?
    I thought it had some interesting ideas about,
    the global brain :P although I didnt finish it, I lost it
    at some airport...

  9. Brianfit ages ago | reply

    Aww, I guess Google pulled the plug on my top-ranked search result, and views have plateaued at 54,000...

    Hi Nney, I haven´t read Howard Bloom´s book, but it´s on my list now! The world is full of great books, and terrible airports. :-)

  10. Nney ages ago | reply

    indeed :p

  11. !fatima ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Emirates Mac, and we'd love to have all your photo added to the group.

  12. Edward Betts ages ago | reply

    This work is derived from an Apple advert, it should not be tagged as Creative Commons.

  13. Brianfit ages ago | reply

    It's a parody commenting on Apple's products, Edward, and therefore protected under free speech laws that have been tested many times in Europe and North America.

    I was involved in a campaign which used the Exxon/Esso logo to make a comment on their global warming policies -- courts in both France and the US threw out Exxon's challenge that the work was derived from their trademark and therefore a violation of their copyright.

    It would be illegal to profit from it, for sure: the political parody protection vanishes as soon as you put it on a T-shirt and charge a buck for it -- but this particular license forbids commercial use as well, so I stand by the Creative Commons license I've created this under.

  14. TatianaJaramillo ages ago | reply

    I love this poster, it shows the way that everyone wants more and more every day without caring about the planet.
    I love it!!!

  15. d_c_p ages ago | reply

    i love this picture!

  16. The_Moores 119 months ago | reply

    Like The Site!

  17. [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

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  18. tjthehunt 109 months ago | reply

    Love this image. have just writen an article for ethical consumer magazine ( on MP3 players and it has a section on Apple. Would it be poss to use your image in this mag.

  19. Brianfit 109 months ago | reply

    Hey Tjthehunt, of course, it´s under a Creative Commons license, more info here:

  20. MarkGregory007 76 months ago | reply

    very interesting. didn't know about the previous problem with iPods. thanks for sharing.

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