Caddisfly larvae and Cascade frog tadpole

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    Order Trichoptera (Caddisfly) larvae and a Rana cascadae Cascades Frog tadpole, I based my shaky ID on photos from California Herps Eggs and Tadpoles of Cascades Frog - Rana cascadae and the fact that: "Cascade frog (Rana cascadae) was the most widely distributed and
    abundant amphibian species in lentic habitats of MORA" according to Inventory of Aquatic Breeding Amphibians, Mount Rainier National Park, 1994-1999

    Seen in a small pond between Meadowatch Plot 4 and Plot 5
    Lakes Trail, Mount Rainier National Park
    Elevation 1665 meters (5470 feet)

    Hiking and botanize in Reflection Lakes and Paradise area of Mount Rainier as part of MeadoWatch

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