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A-List Membership Has Its Rewards

I was joking around with friends and family that the A-List from

Southwest doesn't really mean anything. I joked that there was no

first class, no upgrades, and they didn't even allow you to fly

standby (like most airlines). About the only thing you get as an A-

List member is occassional priority screening and ticketing lines

and . . . they check you in to your flight early putting you in as the

top 15 - 30 people to board the plane.


My last two flights I didn't take much advantage of that priviledge. I

sat in the back of the plane per normal situation for me, but this

time--as I fly on Sept 11th--I chose the emergency exit row. Why? I

figured, frankly, I'd help my fellow man on such a date as today. Now

that I'm sitting here though, typing away on my iPhone to create this

blog post, I'm enjoying crazy long leg room. That's not too big of a

deal seeing that I'm only 5'9" (well 5'10" if I stand up real

straight, usually only when I'm on a date with a tall woman or one in

some massive heels).


However the room for my that is freaking awesome as hell

and well worth the 32 oneway flights needed to gain such prestigious

recognition as a Southwest Airlines A-List member. No need to scrunch

your elbows around trying to get to the mouse pad (or whatever it's

called). My screen isn't jammed up under the spinnie tray holder

dealie bob either so there's no reason to be freaked out that the dude

in front of me may get a sudden urge to press that button in his arm

chair and crush my screen to smitherings.


Life is good...A-List is good. Thanks @SouthwestAir you keep my

expectations low and over-deliver everytime! pretzels coming by...ooops...false alarm it was just the

honey roasted peanuts. ;-)


P.S. Sometimes it's just easier to blog on an iPhone.

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Taken on September 11, 2009