• love this place, tasty sandwiches and beverage, haven't been in for a while-now i must go :) - lovegreendog
  • Thanks for the tip. Perhaps I'll ride there for lunch today.
  • The girls and I did go to Vic & Whits for lunch. My ruben was excellent! Also, their beer and wine selection is wonderful. I'm sure we'll eat many meals outside in the patio watching the clouds go by and eating our delicious sandwiches.

Main Street

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Main Street in Saco, Maine this morning.

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  1. fresh hill [deleted] ages ago | reply

    i love this! what a beautiful and patriotic town Saco is brent! I love the street lamps......

  2. peterbox ages ago | reply

    I like !!

  3. jodilyn ages ago | reply

    Looks like the quintessential American town, I love it! Maybe we can be persuaded to relocate... :-)

  4. kirstenuhler ages ago | reply

    All the towns here seem to be beautiful and have so much character.

    Jodi, that would be great! Although I know how much you love the cold... ;-)

    Great capture, Brent.

  5. photos by jr ages ago | reply

    Looks like a cozy little town and full of color. Brent pick out the hot spots (for pictures) and I might have to come and visit you.

  6. brentdanley ages ago | reply

    You must come up for a visit (or relocation)! I'd be happy to show you around. First though, I have to find my way around ;)

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  7. klongacre ages ago | reply

    Can't wait to visit.

  8. eva8* ages ago | reply

    nice capture. i've only been to downtown saco once. in our quest for the world's best hogdogs, we tried rapid ray's, but were somewhat disappointed. beautiful downtown, though.
    in southern maine, the best is flo's in cape neddick. you gotta try it, with their special relish and mayo (yes, mayo), sooo good.

    ok, so you live in saco, but have yet to mention fun town and the huge water park. what's going on?

  9. brentdanley ages ago | reply

    Thanks for the tip! We're planning a drive to Cape Neddick for lunch today.

    Route 1 veers away from downtown Saco just before Main Street. I'm sure a lot of people drive straight past :) I've seen the water park many times. It certainly looks fun. The girls aren't strong swimmers yet but I suppose the real reason is that they haven't asked.

  10. Asher1001 ages ago | reply

    oh my god, you moved from ghetto wichita to all american saco!

  11. brentdanley ages ago | reply

    For the sake of those we left behind I've promised myself not to be too hard on Wichita...but I agree with you 100%! Cass, you've got to get out. Don't wait so long like we did. You're young. Reach for the stars and make your dreams a reality. And come visit us before the weather turns cold :)

  12. shrike1964 ages ago | reply

    So you've found a place to live, that's great! Don't think I've been through Saco, but it certainly looks like a nice city.

  13. blankfrank15 ages ago | reply

    Ii live here, and this picture makes it look good. but in reality theres a lot of drugs and violence

  14. brentdanley ages ago | reply

    You must be referring to Biddeford. Saco is on the right side of the river. :)

  15. UrbanMaster 115 months ago | reply

    Crime is Saco is about as close to non-exsistent as it gets! :D

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