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Devils Cauldron

This morning I went for an early morning shoot with Xenedis and Marching Ants.


I took them to a v.cool new place I recently found. I haven't seen any photos of this particular rock formation, so I'm going to call it "Devils Cauldron". It is unbelievably spectacular when you are perched on the edge of it and a huge wave comes in. Water sprays everywhere and you feel sure you are about to get drenched, but there are a couple of relatively safe places to shoot from that are very exhilerating.


Sunrise started out OK but then petered out big time. I"m definitely going to go back and try and shoot this location in better conditions (bigger surf and better sunrise).


Stuffed a handful of Grad NDs into my filter holder to try and reduce contrast range enough. This was with 5 stops of ND on the sky.


Announcing a 1 Day Seascape workshop If you want to produce seascape images like this and you live in Sydney, you might be interested in this one day workshop that I am running in June 09.

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Taken on April 26, 2009