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My son Tyson and the rest of his team at the Billy cart Grand Prix last weekend.
Trying to get 9 hyperactive eight year olds in one place single handed, and then making sure they're all actually in the shot...well, I tried.
I had intended photographing a few of the 80 or so teams, but after two of them, I was so exhausted I had to go and have a little lie down.
Single sunpak 383 Super backlit by the sun.

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  1. brendan.oshea 117 months ago | reply

    I've done this on a few of my other photos Jimmy, and I've documented the process in one of the shots I've posted previously. It involves cranking up the radius slider in unsharp mask more than the amount slider. (opposite of what you'd usually do) desaturate a little, then repeat until it starts to look too silly.
    Sometimes I'll get one of the channels, paste it into a layer and use overlay mode to desaturate. Depends on the image.
    To tell the truth, I usually only use this technique when I want to hide technical flaws. Unfortunately, I use this technique alot. The lighting is critical though, and it just doesn't work unless I use this particular style of lighting.
    Single Sunpak 383 Super on full power, newly acquired shoot thru 28" umbrella, triggered with Elinchrom Skyport.

  2. Marty Pouwelse 117 months ago | reply

    LOVING these portraits, Brendan and thanks so much for sharing your secrets. Ace stuff!

  3. pictureclub_2000 116 months ago | reply

    schönes Gruppenfoto in HDR. strahlende Gesichter der Kinder und atemberaubender Himmel. tolle Arbeit.

  4. Goshinga. 116 months ago | reply

    Reminds me of Dave hill, to be honest.


  5. DRVP Scott 115 months ago | reply

    You did much more than merely keep them all in the shot... what personality. Great moment, excellent capture!

  6. *dreamingtree* 115 months ago | reply

    this is the post process, great job!....

  7. Mehedi Rahman (Ehab) 109 months ago | reply

    Super Cool ! I am learning a lot from your photos.

  8. John Adkins II 109 months ago | reply

    awesome shot!!! love the kids' faces!

  9. Tetley T 74 months ago | reply

    Great shot!

  10. Photo--Graphy [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    Lovely capture

  11. J.W.Turner 68 months ago | reply

    excellent shot sir

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