Book 8

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    Please do not redistribute or make small changes and claim it as your own.

    Please provide credit via a link under your work back to this image or to my account where possible, thank you .

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    1. Alicia Stamm 43 months ago | reply

      really good, practical shot

    2. ~Brenda-Starr~ 43 months ago | reply

      Thanks ladies ;))

    3. lisabee73 43 months ago | reply

      thank you, this is wonderful :)

    4. ~Brenda-Starr~ 43 months ago | reply

      Your welcome, thank you :))

    5. FeeBeeDee 43 months ago | reply

      Really nice! Thanks for sharing!

    6. ~Brenda-Starr~ 43 months ago | reply

      Your wellcome. I'm happy you like it :))

    7. jinterwas 41 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much :)) !!

    8. yolandalcarrillo 38 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing.

    9. plumnutz 36 months ago | reply

      Thank you Brenda for sharing your book.

    10. xamsivad1 36 months ago | reply

      Hi Brenda,
      I plan to use your photo of this beautiful old book for a page I'm working on for Squidoo. It's about "real" books vs. e-books, and this pic is just what I need for my intro. Will post an attribution link.

    11. ~Brenda-Starr~ 36 months ago | reply

      Thank you all for showing me your beautiful works, I appreciate it :)))

      xamsivad1 I will look forward to seeing it. Thank you letting me know :))

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    12. RebeccaPi 24 months ago | reply

      I've included this photo on my blog,

      It's on the post from 5/7/12 about reading great books over the summer. I've included a link back to your page. =)

      Thank you for such a great photo!

      Rebecca Pi

    13. melrach 22 months ago | reply

      I am including your image in a presentation about content strategy with the link to your page. I don't think it will be publically posted, but it will be seen by two large groups of people. Thanks so much! IMR

    14. Beth77 21 months ago | reply

      I used this photo on my blog:

      Thanks for sharing it with a Creative Commons license!

    15. jean668579 21 months ago | reply

      thank you, i love it

    16. wacked314 19 months ago | reply


      I've used your image in my language learning website Lerxi

      Thanks for sharing!

    17. gabriel_3002 5 months ago | reply

      Hello! I would like to use this image in an educational application for iPad (of course with proper attribution to you). The application is designed to teach children to read in Spanish, and I think this picture represents beautifully the concept "book".

      Thanks for posting this great photo available under Creative Commons!

    18. atuperlu 3 months ago | reply

      Hello Brenda!
      I've used your image for an article on my blog:

      Thanks for posting your beautiful work available under Creative Commons!

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