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Corey Haim | by Bree Bailey
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Corey Haim



We went to the Rock and Shock horror convention at the DCU Center in Worcester for the sole purpose of meeting Corey Haim. Allison and I were both avid Corey fans when we were young and, knowing this, she invited me to this event. I prepped myself the night before; telling myself he probably wouldn’t look good and live up to my expectations. When we walked up to his booth I saw a glimpse of him and couldn’t believe how good he looked. He lost weight and looked so great. Unfortunately he was charging $25 for an autograph and $10 for a picture. We decided to hop in this picture together. He wasn’t overly chatty but had a line of people behind us.


We walked around for a bit and kept turning around to stare at Corey. Eventually we found ourselves standing in front of Zach Galligan’s booth (from Gremlins). He gave us the biggest smile so we went over to chat with him. He let us take free pics and was the nicest guy. We chatted it up and he invited us to the after-party at the hotel that night.


We decided to ask Corey if he was going to the party. He seemed completely confused and said “Uh…..what party? Err…If I am invited.” Then he walked into a table.


Fast forward 7 hours – Allison had a date and couldn’t go but I dragged Charlene & Dawn out and we met up with Mariah at the hotel bar. We waited around for awhile but eventually Zach and Corey came into the bar. Corey sat right next to me and ordered quesadillas. Zach hung out for a good hour or so joking around and telling stories. He is so nice and funny. Corey denied Dawn a photo claiming he was just too tired. Meanwhile Zach was happy to let them snap pics. There were other actors there as well. Brian O’Halloran from Clerks. Tony Todd from Candyman. William Forsythe from Dick Tracy, Raising Arizona, The Rock. They were all hanging out at the bar.


After a while, Zach went up to bed and Mariah left shortly after. My roommates and I were headed out when we heard Corey Haim yelling “go to room 105!” to his friends. We looked at each other and decided the best possible option would be to follow them. So we did. We walked into room 105 and were shoulder to shoulder with about 50 other people, all smashed into this small hotel room which smelled like tomato sauce. We got pushed outside and were standing around with Pinhead from Hellraiser and one of the Jasons from Friday the 13th, among others. They were very nice and not scary at all. We ended up hanging out until 4:30 in the morning. It was a very random yet fun night.

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Taken on October 11, 2008