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I was just about to snap this photo with my canon ae-1 when I realized I had run out of film so I opted out and shot this with my new blackbirdfly that I got for Christmas.


After you finish converting Yen to American Dollars you might be asking the same question I thought to myself, "Why in the world would I spend that kind of money on a plastic toy camera when I can get a holga for 30-40 bucks?"


Well my friends here are a few good reasons to consider:


1. It looks cool.

2. It's a TLR camera [ this adds to the cool factor..obviously.]

3. People will wonder what the heck it is.

4. It has a cool name

5. It uses 35mm (personally I think this is the best thing of all because it's WAY cheaper that shooting with 120 film!!)

6. You can shoot in different formats: 6X6 (get the 120 look) 24x36 (standard 35mm picture) OR take out the insert and go full frame ( expose the sprockets on the side)




I'm still getting used to setting the proper exposure through trial and error. Focusing is a little tricky, and so is framing, because everything is backwards in the viewfinder and all funky lookin.


This camera definitely wasn't on my priority list when I came across it, especially when I realized it was more that I was willing to pay at the time ( which was like $20 bucks because I'm a living-on-a-shoe-string- type of gal)


So when I opened it on Christmas Eve (chya, my family opens their presents before the entire world..) I practically had a heart attack.


Hopefully you'll be seein some more shots from this camera in awhile ( but not for a little while...I've shot myself senseless with film these past few weeks and my bank account is starting to show it)


Thanks mama and papa!

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Taken on January 2, 2009