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Afore the Eye | by Rebecca Bentliff
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Afore the Eye

Part 3 - Transformation


I've had a long and arduous evening of shooting and editing this photo. I fell down a bank in the woods and got my lilac jeans muddy (to be fair, pastel colours aren't perfect for in the woods), I spent two hours "grafting" the right antler onto my head, and I spend another good 40 minutes deciding on the right crop and title for this. However, it's been worth every minute and every scoop of Ben and Jerrys I had whilst editing. This is most definitely my favourite out of everything I've ever shot, and considering I ordered the antler off ebay and begged the seller to use a faster postage for extra payment and then had to ask my Mum to come along and assist me by holding the antler in place, I'm very happy about that. It's also odd that something I only needed to shoot for a University project turned out meaning so much in my eyes! I also see it as a sort of autumn equivalent to my photo "Growing Pains".

During editing I realised that, although I hadn't meant to at the time, my expressions in the photos were really quite emotional, despite not looking particularly happy or sad. I liked that, for some reason, and it gave me new ideas behind the meanings of this.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling and I hope you all like this as much as I do, I'll post a close up of the right antler in comments.

By the way, "afore the eye" is the meaning of the Latin word anteocularis, which antler is said to be derived from :)



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Taken on May 11, 2012