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im home, from another amazing trip to europe

this time it was france


and, the thing about europe is everywhere you go is different. each country, city even town has a different story to tell and its because everywhere has a story to tell. even in those rickety cobble stoned streets that somehow manage to fit perfectly together, that has been the land where kings used to walk upon and where blood has been shed. its crazy to think that its all there for us now. to walk around and explore at our leisure

and i want to explore it all (or most of it)

and i know thats a big dream to have, but i feel like there's so much beauty and crazyness over there and people in north america don't even realize it. like the fact that Napoleon and his troops 200 years ago probably marched where i'm standing. Or that famous painters, painted-well there.

1) this photo for example, biking around the seine river at sunset. sunsets are different in France firstly, they're not just colours and pretty and "ooh-ing". but its an explosion of oranges, yellows, pinks and contrasting intense navy blues and purples. they talk and they breathe. they come alive and every night it seems like they have a connection with the city. parisians are sitting enjoying a glass of wine by the river or walking home from work with a croissant (actually not a croissant, i just love them, so that was just me doing that)


but anyways, the more important part of this description is, i really hope i never lose sight of what i really want in life and whats truly important. because even now, and probably not for sometime, i have no idea what i want to do with my life or what its going to become-and i can't just expect me to have the all the time and luxuries in the world to be able to fulfill the dreams i want to do. And thats why I've been feeling a lot of pressure to do know what I want to do with my life and stop making such a big deal out of figuring it out. because if i don't, it'll be gone. and i'll be in some cubicle trying to pay the bills.


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Taken on August 9, 2010