• Lamp in poor shape; needs maintenance - hugojcardoso
  • smiling cow? - ~wishiwasanotter~
  • ...part possum! - ~wishiwasanotter~
  • Milking a cow under a lamp.. surprisingly, the leading cause of electrocution every year. - Winter Ventura
  • Is anyone else surprised to see nothing happening here? - chromatix
  • No use crying over spilt milk. - erickanderson
  • Surprised at her own strength... - greeblie
  • What is this artist's fascination with highly improbable situations that lead to this type of electricution?!? He's the MacGyver of scorched rectums! - Narp?
  • It's smiling because it likes the action from the titty massage. - NomarDll769
  • nope. it is smiling since it is actually a bull - Finale Chevreuil
  • ??? - kdkdkkd
  • They're about to be smothered by a large window envelope ! - thisisace
  • My great gran'pappy always tol' me not to show'r with th' cattl'. Now I understand why. - badlittlemunky
  • I think its dying because of this.. - mctooom
  • What's with all the bd insulation? They can't be so cheap as to use the metal jacket as a return wire? - nitro2k01 (Gameboy Genius)
  • A cow in a shower with an uggly woman is dangerous? - Sohny2007

30 Ways to Shock Yourself

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Here are 30 illustrations from the book Elektroschutz in 132 Bildern. These diagrams outline causes of electrical accidents

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  1. alon_73 77 months ago | reply

    really, this is the best set ever

  2. Rudolf Tiberius Schultz MacMillan III 77 months ago | reply

    Sure its the cow with the crumpled horn from the electrified death house that Jack built.

  3. ~wishiwasanotter~ 77 months ago | reply

    ...ummm, is that cow smiling, or is it just me?? ...why oh why did I come back to this set . I'm crying here!!!

  4. bcgrote 77 months ago | reply

    Bossy has the same look as the boy in the previous pic! Enjoying the power a bit too much!

  5. mhmcfee 77 months ago | reply

    According to the Kama Shockra, this is one of the harder positions to achieve due to the comical chain of events which need to transpire to make it work. But note the cow's enjoyment. It's worth it!

  6. tsancio 77 months ago | reply

    Those 220 volts were enough to make the cow jump over the moon...

  7. teddlesruss 77 months ago | reply

    ..and remember never to cry over it... Holy cow...

    @mhmcfee: Didn't you mean "cowmical?"

    To all you other picky people: Have you ever thought it could just be a horny cow?

  8. halljonathan 77 months ago | reply

    evilnick caption, FTW.

  9. jasonsargo 77 months ago | reply

    And the cow was all, "Oh, biotch, you's gonna do WHAT with that crystal radio?!?!"

  10. manimfuckedup 77 months ago | reply

    well, at least you know what theyre going to be serving at the funeral.

  11. Kymm 77 months ago | reply

    This is, without question, the perfect storm of electrocution.

    Pissing off a bridge, touching a lamp, using a crystal death box, all while constantly being barefoot, okay I see how those are important things to know to avoid, but "be careful that the cow doesn't wrap her tail around the lamp while you are milking her and everyone is falling down," now that's one really specific illustration.

  12. luizinchains [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

    darwin award for that one

  13. bonniegrrl 77 months ago | reply

    How else are you supposed to milk a cow? sheesh!

  14. HombrePhaty 77 months ago | reply

    This series is the greatest thing ever. And not just on the internet. Everything about this book is sublime: the fact that they felt compelled to make this book, the drawings, the expressions on faces, their choices of methods, ...

  15. Ray2Jerry 77 months ago | reply

    First I think what the odds would be for something like this to happen. I mean for all those things to be happening at once to create this situation seems impossible.

    But they found it important enough to draw in a book, so the odds are actually pretty good that it happened AT LEAST once in history. And when they invent a time machine, that's where you'll find me :)

    Of course they could also be some "Wouldn't it be totally hilarious if..." situations someone fantasized about.

  16. chupocabara 77 months ago | reply

    Well that's what you get for milking a cow 24/7.

  17. goopuddle 76 months ago | reply

    And of course the added grounding from the spilled milk will create another path. ... unless the maid is kicked to safety by the cow.

  18. Howard Dickins 75 months ago | reply

    I can hardly count the number of times this has happened to me. Just yesterday my hair looked as though I'd been tasered - or attacked by an african witch-doctor.

  19. kdkdkkd [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

    Holy cow!!!

  20. Pompelmoo 20 months ago | reply

    This is getting disturbing

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