• She is VERY DISMAYED about this SUDDEN CHANGE OF FORTUNE. - fixermark
  • Apparently the key to avoiding electrocution in a setting like this is not to put your hand on a counter. The screwdriver in the electrical socket is otherwise completely safe. - Sondic
  • Hansel was so wrong about this one, now I'm just pre-cooked for that damn witch. - TheLongestRoad
  • Electrical Chinese Food? - NomarDll769
  • That's either a mighty big socket, or a mighty small child. Or, maybe she's a munchkin. If she's a munchkin, she's about to get what she deserves. - badlittlemunky
  • Another Title: Hermione Granger-Electrocuted. Sure to get more hits. - mosenmori
  • Nazi children trap - Sohny2007
  • Without grounding yourself by another path, you would need two objects to put in both sides of the outlet to get zapped. - überRegenbogen
  • ahhh damn, i told you this would happen! - That Danger of Death Guy ©
  • Can you hear me now??? - Peter W Gilbert

30 Ways to Shock Yourself

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Here are 30 illustrations from the book Elektroschutz in 132 Bildern. These diagrams outline causes of electrical accidents

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  1. ~wishiwasanotter~ 77 months ago | reply

    so ya lost ya contact ? ...obvious place to look is in the socket - here, I'll even suppy the bendy wire thingy.

  2. rolypolyrolypolyrolypolyrolypoly 77 months ago | reply

    Come on, any 25 year old girl should know better than to put their drafting divider in an outlet. And not to wear such baggy outfits.

  3. Kevbo 77 months ago | reply

    With outlets that big, you're just going to end up creating a circuit with a pair of oversized tweezers in your hand one day or another.

  4. Count Spatula 77 months ago | reply

    Gee, I wish we could afford toys. Oh well I'll just jam a hairpin into Mr Thingy here.

  5. Bitten Apple Inc. 77 months ago | reply

    I saw this images on boingboing....wow men, amazing stuff you have here....


  6. Rudolf Tiberius Schultz MacMillan III 77 months ago | reply

    Oh little Orphan Annie don't try to pick that lock!

  7. biwilty [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

    The fingers would be pretty enough.

  8. ~wishiwasanotter~ 77 months ago | reply

    @Kevbo : ROFL!!!

    I see juff-meister hasn't gone and left her "way too serious for me" comments.......yet :-)

  9. bcgrote 77 months ago | reply

    Heidi learns to yodel... Tin Drum style?

  10. halljonathan 76 months ago | reply

    Ground your heart and hope to die / stick a tweezer in your non-UL certified DC 220V household appliance outlet?

  11. Laurie Pink 71 months ago | reply

    The comments on these are making my day...
    Particularly pleased with fixermark's, on this one.

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