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"Fire Rainbow" over RBV | by Bryce Bradford
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"Fire Rainbow" over RBV

The weather today has been amazing! Definitely an exotic treat for San Diego!


From around 1:30pm to 2:15pm this afternoon an amazing Circumhorizontal Arc appeared in north county (Vista) and I'm sure it was visible to all the towns from La Jolla up to Laguna Beach. As the sun moved along its path, the light began to pass through more concentrated Cirrus clouds and took a prominent and vibrant place in the western sky. To top it off, there was also a very visible Infralateral Arc coming off of the Circumhorizontal Arc, and even a Circumscribed Halo between them and the sun.

This was a true treat for my eyes, and a true blessing.


I was in my 5th period class (Teachers Aide for Digital Imaging) at RBV High School when the teacher, a substitute, sent me out to look for another student who had taken the bathroom pass and disappeared...

I went walking down the hallway and ran into a friend, who jokingly asked me why I was mad and making lightning rain down in East County (I sorta look like Jesus...). I told him that I was bitter that it wasn't dark outside so I could take some long-exposures of the lightning storm... After that sentence, somehow instinctively, I turned around and looked to the sky in the West, and immediately my jaw dropped to the floor as I saw 3 separate "Fire Rainbows" sitting vibrant as ever over the student parking lot.

I turned to him with a smile and simply said, "May you marvel in peace." And began sprinting back down the hallway to my class.

I opened the door with such a burst of energy that everyone in the class started cracking up and I immediately announced, "Dunno where he is! But there's some amazing eye candy outside for anyone thats interested! Fire Rainbow!!!"

I ripped my memory card out of the computer, shoved it in my camera, and sprinted back out the door as fast as I had come in.


A few moments later I burst back in with a sense of urgency because I had forgot my 40-150mm lens in my backpack.

No-one in the class made any effort to see what I was so excited about the first time, so after I grabbed my lens, I ran to the door and held it open for all of the computer monitor-adjusted eyes to see. A moment later after everybodys eyes had adjusted to the glaring light, I heard a simultaneous "Oooooohhhhhh!" from everybody in the class, inculding the teacher. My work was done.

I heaved the door all the way open so that maybe someone would catch it and hold it before it closed again, and took off down the hall to finish filling up my 4GB memory card.


Hows that for a play-by-play story?!!

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Taken on June 3, 2009