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BNDM C9- Twiggy- Kline

First off, thanks everyone who commented on McKey's photos, I have been extremly tight in time, so sorry for not replying to you all.


I know I said I would recreate another photo, but I thought it wasn't as good as this one. (link in comments)


For Kline this was probably the most challenging photoshoot we've had yet. She's nothing like Twiggy, physically... NOTHING. Especially considering Twiggy's vintage photos have big eyes with lots of mascara in her lower lashes. Kline's got this very squinted eyes which made that harder. So we made our own interpretation of classic Twiggy based on the photo I just linked you above. This is the result. Hope you like it.


'I have yet to receive FCO, which is kinda frustrating, but I know I'll do it overtime. As of who's my toughest competition right now, I'd have to say Milos, just because she got best photo last week, and she's so versatile!'

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Taken on April 28, 2012