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Bratz P4F Top Modelz™ 2011- Week4- Tim Burton's World (and Elimination3)

Welcome, models. We’re now closer and closer to know who’ll win this.


Watch last challenge’s elimination here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSB1Xc--xAQ&feature=channel_v...


(Please do not read this unless you’ve watched the video)


Now, for this challenge we’re traveling to a whole new world… Tim Burton’s world… His movies are some of the best when it comes to special effects, and that’s what we’ll be portraying this week. Each one of you will be assigned a movie from him and will have to portray it, just like he would. Mysterious, gloomy, etc.


Lexie was the challenge winner last time, so you’re free to choose your movie. It can be any. Even the ones I assigned or the one in my picture. Congrats!




•Katia- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

•Kina- The Nightmare Before Christmas

•Madelin Rae- Beetle Juice

•Devin- Edward Scissorhands

•Courtney- Corpse Bride

•Piper- Batman (1989)

•Ashley- Big Fish




•Your model has to be portraying any of the characters from the movie, but we must be able to identify the movie at first glance.

•You can use more than one model.

•It has to be mystic and gloomy.

•It has to be editorial.

•Be creative, but don’t go out of the storyline.

•Do not redo any scene or cover. Make it your way.

•The more elements from the movie you add to your photo, the better.

Deadline: Wednesday 17th.


Any question? Mail me / Comment.




Note: If you have posted your entry but I haven’t commented on it or added you to this picture, make me know, please.


*It’s better if you do a research before doing the shoot.

* If you haven’t watched the movie, you can read it on Wikipedia.


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