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Shaye St.John | by Your Boy, Max
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Shaye St.John

An accomplished actress, Shaye St.John will not let you forget it. An infamous name-dropper and total ego-maniac, nobody believes Shaye's hype more than Shaye herself. Unfortunately for Shaye the Hollywood machine has changed and what was once a meteoric rise, soon became a steady decline. Shaye worked her way up from TV show bit parts, to speaking roles in B-Movies. But things changed when she realized the quickest way to the 'big money' deals was to get on a reality show. Constantly being passed up for parts, Shaye took matters into her own hands. She wasn't well known enough to start her own show, but a well thought out audition landed her in the first season of the show 'Fierce Factor.' Right away Shaye established herself as the one to beat and became one of the most polarizing figures in reality TV. Love her, or hate her one thing's for sure, you'll never forget her. And that's just the way she likes it.


Shaye was born purely to compete in the Fierce Factor contest. I wanted her to be sort of like the bitch of the show. Somewhere between Willam and Phi Phi O'Hara of RuPaul's Drag Race. Her name was lifted straight off of Shaye Saint John on YouTube. It's a really 'draggy' sounding name so it was perfect. And since I'm a lover of inside jokes, a lot about Shaye and her friends are subtle references to the Shaye Saint John videos. As far as the characters though, they could not be any more different. While this Shaye is a fierce and bitchy man-eater with a taste for fame, YouTube's Shaye is just creepy and disturbing.


Shaye was originally a Bling Spa Delancey doll. I put her on a Volks body and like most of my favorite girls, Shaye got a full reroot in platinum blonde. And though fans voted on her 'signature' look, Shaye vetoed it and chose the magenta and gold number from the Barbie Loves Hair doll.


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Uploaded on July 12, 2012