Epica 5-3-08
In reality, Symphony X were the headliners at this show at Jaxx in Virginia. But for various reasons I decided not to photograph them, instead enjoying their (excellent) show from afar, back at the bar. So instead most of these photos are from Epica's set, with a few from Into Eternity and a couple of each of the local supporting bands (Apothys and Tolerance for Tragedy).

Epica was missing singer and frontwoman Simone Simons, unfortunately. Amanda Somerville replaced her, and her voice sounded remarkably like Simons'. Great performances all around and these guys were all clearly having a lot of fun, this being the final night on their tour.

Lighting was great, and I took full advantage of a rented Nikkor 17-55/2.8 AF-S DX lens, shooting on manual at f/2.8 all night, mostly at ISO 1600.
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