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jim's lunch

just spent my last weekend in my hometown of vineland, nj. this thursday, i'll hit the road for chicago.


before i left, today, i made sure to drive over to millville and get a couple of cheeseburgers at jim's lunch, a place that has been in business for over 80 years. it's a very small place, almost always completely packed with a family at every table and a take-out line snaking around the front door. they're super successful--so much so, in fact, that they close for the summer and, i assume, take vacations. this has always made me so angry, because it is kind of the worst thing ever to realize you have an unstoppable summer craving for jim's, only to realize that it isn't open, and won't be until after labor day. or is it columbus day? either way, BOO.


i've been going to jim's since i was a kid, and the family that has always run it is still doing a great job. i've never found a cheeseburger that is as good, or tastes even remotely the same as a jim's cheeseburg with everything. everything includes onions, american cheese, and a secret sauce that no one knows the recipe to [or, at least, i don't!]. all i know is that it's brown and spicy and maybe the most delicious thing on earth. their french fries are amazing, too. they serve everything to you on a sheet of wax paper, and it's messy and drippy and wonderful.


i sat at the counter today, because it was pretty busy. i was by myself, but that was okay. my seat was right next to the register, and i offered up change to two different people who needed it. when i was almost finished eating, i ran out of soda, and the waitress asked me if i'd like "another splash," to thank me for the change i'd given away. it was adorable. i ordered two more cheeseburgs to go, and another order of fries, so that i could bring them back to my apartment in north jersey and snack on them while i continued packing my things.

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Taken on November 25, 2006