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my vacation kinda got cancelled, so i went to the zoo instead
fully standing up, this tiger was 10 ft tall.

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  1. Sugar Booger 117 months ago | reply

    that's just some dude in a tiger suit...isn't it??

    (...looks like the A's and the Sox may be battling in the playoffs again...)

  2. a.long 117 months ago | reply

    sweep. now gotta pummel KC.

  3. macwagen 117 months ago | reply

    i would s**t myself and drop dead if i were that close to a tiger.

  4. Omom 117 months ago | reply

    Ted Nugent would have shot him with a rifle instead of a camera.

    The latest Al Queda threat: Undermining America by slipping steroids into our baseball players without their knowledge. sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news?slug=ap-drugs-palmeiro&prov...

  5. quoo 117 months ago | reply

    he needs his belly scratched... kitties love that.

  6. christinasquared 117 months ago | reply

    oh so you go and have fun instead of coming down here. that's it. i'm burning all the porches now.

  7. seeking_epiphany 117 months ago | reply

    thank god these signs aren't at coney--or i'd be flying solo.

  8. pissedbroad 117 months ago | reply

    when i was a wee lass, my grandfather used to ask me when i woke up 'did the tigers chase you?'
    ...he was weird.

  9. * cate * 117 months ago | reply

    sorry 'bout the vacay.
    poor skinny tiger. he looks bulemic...i hope you slipped him a churro or hotdog or something.

  10. anideg 117 months ago | reply

    the life of pi -very good book i just read
    the survival of a little boy lost at sea with a tiger
    sublime story

  11. El Panthersnake 117 months ago | reply

    is this before or after you "serviced" the monkeys?

  12. gardengal 117 months ago | reply

    this! this!
    i saw an awesome tiger shirt at the salvation army today and thought of you, but alas it was toooooo small.

  13. locaburg 117 months ago | reply

    my kid (and I) love this shot

  14. belliebottom 116 months ago | reply

    he looks pissed - like he's saying let me outta here!

    cool shot but.

  15. slowernet 116 months ago | reply

    ratio of head to body width is neat

  16. cooks 115 months ago | reply

    oh my god this rules

  17. princess die 115 months ago | reply

    this is just nuts!
    i can't keep away from it.

  18. Wolfy 115 months ago | reply

    Wow. He looks like he's ready to eat the first person he can get to.

  19. a bad example 100 months ago | reply

    cool photo of Sasha,

  20. madmolecule 80 months ago | reply

    I'd like to see fog come in on THOSE feet.

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