A company unique as their name.

Dale Schnackel Company Consulting Engineers of Omaha had a name problem. So it was our mission to create a credible identity that was a better reflection of one
of the nation’s largest, most reputable mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and informational engineering firms. And to reflect their authentic, high-energy team environment with the goal of attracting the best and brightest young engineers from top universities.

We’ve never recommended to name a company after someone’s surname before. But the company was such a reflection of Mr. Schnackel himself (and it was such a unique name) that we went with our gut. Schnackel Engineers it was.

Since working with Brains on Fire in 2007, Schnackel Engineers has seen double digit growth, which is directly related to their newfound focus and identity. They are also attracting a higher caliber of talent from colleges and universities, as well as experienced engineers. In the last two years, they have hired four “superstar” talented engineers in LA and NY.
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