Fiendish Fables
A collection of creepy short stories inspired by the classic horror comics that defined the genre! Marauding zombie kids, a bloodthirsty vampire horse, vengeance-seeking storybook creatures, a wild west monster, the debut of “Goth Ghost Girl,” a ghastly gallery, and much more. Cover by David Wachter.

Writers: John Schlim Jr., William Ward, Samir Goel, Dirk Manning.

Artists: David Wachter, Joel Cotejar, John Fortune, Jesus Salas, Josh Taylor, Ayhan Hayrula, Alan Tham, Josh Shaffer, Sergio Quijada, Jeff Welborn, Bradd Mielke. Pinups by Amer Kokh, Sergio Lantadilla, Jason Jam, Nelz Yumul.
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