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I got tagged already twice, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon as long as it is running at full speed.


1: My flickr username is derived from my favourite bicycle manufacturer.


2: Speaking of cycling, it's one of the few things which keep me sane.


3: I try to ignore the voices most of the time.


4: Actually, I don't like the sea very much. I'm more attracted to mountains.


5: Я учу русский язык.


6: I don't like happy dreams.


7: 2009 was both the best and worst year of my life.


8: I know vector algebra, but fail at two-digit divisions.


9: I still buy CDs. Mp3 downloads suck.


10: I collect T-shirts.


So, here are the rules: If you got tagged by me and are bored enough, post a pic of yourself, write 10 facts about you and tag 10 of your contacts.

If you don't do it, Oogie Boogie will eat your soul!

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Taken on September 20, 2009