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Flood of Plastic | by Braeden Petruk
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Flood of Plastic

Our Daily Challenge - "Film Noir"


Playing into both the roots and visualization of the term "Film Noir", I'll take into account the criminal nature of littering this plastic bag on the ground. Just look at it. Does it look nice? Clean? Natural?


No. It looks like garbage. It is garbage. Beneath this garbage is a beautiful frozen puddle atop what just a few months ago was vivid, green grass, and unless someone with a kind heart and a convenient garbage container decides to pick this up, it'll likely remain bound to the ice until it melts in the spring. The result of someone not being able to carry this single bag to a garbage disposal is that it will now be cluttering up the landscape for another four months.


I'll never understand littering. Even if litterers are apathetic toward the effects on people around them, why would they want to dirty the planet which they live on? Not only do I and everyone else around here have to look at this frozen abomination for the next few months, but whoever it is that placed it here will likely return and see this abomination.


Something which could have so easily been stuffed in a pocket and placed in the nearest garbage can ending up on the ground for nature to spend ten years digesting is a disgrace. Having millions of landfills worldwide is a bad enough problem; we don't need mini landfill diaspora popping up amid our city streets.


Carry it for an extra foot, meter, kilometer, mile, or ten miles if need-be. But don't throw it on the ground :)

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Taken on January 5, 2012