SRF Seventh Annual South River Snapshot: 9 April 2011
These pictures just summarize the sampling process for three (of 51 total throughout the watershed) sites on mostly non-tidal creeks of the South River watershed. On-site testing is for color of the water, air and water temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and creek conditions; refrigerated samples are taken for nutrients (phosphorous and nitrogen) and bacteria, tested in the AACC laboratories by Dr. Sally Hornor.

Two of the three samples we took were among the highest bacteria levels seen in this year's study -- above the US EPA standard of 120 units for a one-time exposure. (A frequent finding for pollution in Church Creek.)

The day before the sample collection there was about .35 inches of rain.

See the South River Federation web site at www.southriverfederation.NET for details on the overall SNAPSHOT results.
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