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Outboard gear at the Westlake Studios

Photography by Brian Petersen at www.brianapetersen.com

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Studio E is a beautiful mixing suite equipped with a 72 input SSL 9000J console and an extraordinary amount of outboard gear. Studio "E" has a roomy luxurious private lounge with many creature comforts including Internet access and dining facilities. The studio is also equipped with ISDN lines for Global Recording.



Solid State Logic 9072J Super Analogue Console


Monitors and Video:

Westlake HR1-X Mains

Sony 42” Flat Panel Plasma Display

2 Sony WEGA 20” Flat Panel Displays



Control Room 375 square feet

Vocal Booth 52 square feet



One Standard Isolation Area - One Variable Decay Isolation Area


Multitrack Tape Machines :

Digidesign Pro-Tools HD System with an Apple 21” Cinema Display and latest Power Mac.

Studer A-827

Sony PCM-3348 or 3348HR


Two Track Machines:

Ampex ATR-100

Panasonic SV-3700 DAT

HHB CDR850 Compact Disc Recorder

Apogee PSX1000 series AD/DA Converters


Outboard Gear - Time Based Effects



EMT 140 Analog Plate

Eventide DSP-4000

Eventide H3500

Lexicon 480L & 960L

Lexicon PCM 70 (2)

Lexicon PCM 91

Lexicon PCM 42 (2)

Quantec QRS-XL

Roland SDE 3000 (2)

TC M3000


Yamaha SPX 90 (2)

Yamaha SPX 900


Outboard Gear - Dynamic Effects

Avalon 737SP

dbx 165A (2)

dbx 160x (3)

dbx 902 de-esser (1)

Drawmer DS-201 Gates

Emperical Distressors (2)

GML 8200 St. EQ’s (2)

Manley EQP-1A

Neve 33609 Stereo Comp

Summit MPE-200 EQ

Summit EQP-200A St. EQ

Summit 200 St Comp (2)

TubeTech LCA 2B St EQ

Tubetech PE 1C EQ (2)

Urie 1176

Waves L2 St Maximizer


Westlake Recording Studios

7265 Santa Monica Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90046

TEL (323) 851-9800

For booking availability, rates or any additional info

please contact Sara Clark or Steve Burdick

Email: bookings@thelakestudios.com

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