Stinkor for the Forgotten heroes Miniature Contest
I will be doing Stinkor for the Forgotten heroes Miniature Contest..

About the character:

"Stinkor is a fictional character, a villain from the Masters of the Universe franchise. Labeled the "Evil Master of Odors," Stinkor is essentially a humanoid skunk whose superpower is the ability to release a toxic odor from his body that renders foes immobile"

Why I did decided to do him:

He was my brother's favorite figure growing up in the 1980's when we played with the He-Man toys as kids.

Lots of kit bashing for this one kids. Because the classic He-man figures are a lot of recasts just recolored I will just be doing the something for this miniature. He will be based off the 1980's MOTU Bubblegum mini figure Mer-Man and then given recast weapons from the the old MOTU Paint & Play Weapons Wrack and a cool base.
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