Zinnia Falklands

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    Falklands, from Fatcat Knits, in the Zinnia colorway.

    102 yards, 121 grams, Navajo ply bulky weight (9.5 wpi untensioned, 12.5 wpi tensioned)

    I don't even remember the last time I used anything heavier than a worsted weight yarn, but once I got spinning, I realized I'd be going bulky. I knew I was going to Navajo ply this, but I started spinning the singles as if I were doing a 2 ply worsted weight. A happy accident!

    It took less than an hour to ply this yarn. That includes the original run through, and the second run through to fine-tune the twist. I find that that's the only way I can get a Navajo ply I like, as I prefer to focus on the mechanics of it the first go through, without having to worry about twist. But under an hour! I still can't believe it.

    I'm hoping I have enough to knit Thorpe. I'm willing to sacrifice the earflaps, if necessary.

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