Social Media 2010 - The Business Edition
On Friday, April 30 the Chamber held its second annual social media event that featured a panel discussion on Issues Management and Controlling a Crisis Using Social Media.

The panelists included Kevin Kaufman, Daily Camera; Misty Montano, CBS4 News; Phil Smith, Alta Colleges; and Derek Olson, Foraker - moderated by Ramonna Tooley of GroundFloor Media.

Some of the topics discussed in the breakout sessions included:

• Building a Solid Social Media Strategy
• Controlling a Crisis with Social Media
• Social Media for Start-ups
• Social Media for B2B Campaigns
• Getting Started with SEO
• Corporate Blogging: Getting Started and Best Practices
• Social Media for Customer Service
• Merging Social Media Programs with Overarching Marketing Programs and Goals
• Flip Cameras 101
• Geotagging/Foursquare for Retail Businesses
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