1975: And the Changes To Come

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    Hi-Fi Sphere. High-fidelity sets do not have to be square, and they do not have to be long. This look into tomorrow is an effort to blend the feeling of a musical instrument with modern electronics. Engineers have long maintained that a sphere is the ideal source of sound reproduction. Note these features: The cone speakers are retract-lc, can have a span of six feet between them, and can be pitched in any direction the best stereophonic effect. In the base of the sphere is a woofer speaker, facing inward. When not in use, the three-foot aluminum globe can be completely closed present a decorative sphere.

    from 1975: And the Changes To Come by Arnold B. Barach

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    1. Simon Crubellier ages ago | reply

      Because what home is complete without a decorative sphere?

    2. romwell32 ages ago | reply

      "It's actually going to hurt a whole lot. If you'd just wear your shoulder Hi-Def spheres more often, just like your mom says, we wouldn't have to do all this"


    3. mitzi skyline ages ago | reply


      Want, want, want!

    4. Sunfell ages ago | reply

      I still like the 'run over' look of B&O.

    5. wylkyn ages ago | reply

      I'm sure that woofer in the base of the sphere will have no effect on the turn table. First heavy bass note and that needle will be sliding straight to the spindle.

    6. ckigar ages ago | reply

      Don't you know you're supposed to put a penny on top of the tone arm to keep it from skipping??

    7. phalougher ages ago | reply

      Meh. Sat/sub systems are so '90's.

    8. Frank Wales ages ago | reply

      Doesn't this sphere have an oven in it, like the other sphere?

    9. nlpnt 118 months ago | reply

      This looks more like late '50s/early '60s than mid '70s futuristicness to me. No less droolworthy for that of course!

      EDIT: First comment made before I saw that the source was 1965 predictions of 1975!

    10. classicsat 95 months ago | reply

      Look up Clairtone, the Canadian brand from the 1960s. They have modern style in spades.

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