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Friday night.

Got paid.

Three day weekend.

Had a drink with friends.

Two actually; drinks that is.

Ok, perhaps three.


Got home.

Remembered this.

Another Dictionary of Image shot.

Thought – no, knew – it would be better without the text.

Period. - the original image with text.


Let the image talk to me (which is far easier to do after three drinks than one might suppose).

It agreed.

Took off the text.


The arrows seem to float better without the words as visual competition.


It’s got something now:


smoke from a cigarette,

a pedestrian walkthrough.

A sense of Place.

What place?


Although, to be fair, let’s see what the light of day has to say.

Like it used to say about that woman I’d end up at home with after 4 a.m. closing time.


Ok, but until then…. - vibes & Lounge groove


Music: I don’t know the name of it.

But, it’s sensuous as hell, if you know how to dance to it.

Chicago Stepper’s Style.

It played as I worked on the image.


The music prompted……





Yeah, that kinda' stuff.


Work the beat.

Work your body.

"Shake it like a polaroid picture,"

even if it takes a while for it to quit shaking, even after you've stopped moving. ;-D


I suggest:

turn off the lights,

light a candle.

Open the shades so you can see out.

Dance in the dark to the vibes.

Take off some clothes.

Give it a chance, my friends.

See if something starts to flow.


Texture by Flypaper Textures:

Texture by Skeletalmess (“Master Skel” as I call him):


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