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A Monday Night in September | by BossBob50
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A Monday Night in September

(1,249 views, 151 comm, 43 favs) - It is now the season that I begin to give my fishing workshops and seminars. I get requests from some fishin' guys to repost my fishing images. From 2010 - Man, time flies. Kankakee River, near Area Seven, west of the Kankakee River State Park and the town of Bourbonnais. Illinois.



I put music with this, as I had no sfx of water, bugs, breezes. Plus it is the music I listened to as I worked this image. It seems to fit my thoughts on a theme of “silence.”


You wonder why? Why, we wander off: to places where there’s no light, except that of the moon and stars? ~ View On Black


Partly because out here "after dark" means after DARK! - with only moon, stars and fireflies remind you, you are nowhere near City life and City lights. Some of us come to camp out, some to fish, some to sit and stare, some to lay back and meditate - corpse-still - while looking at the sky. All in silence. Mainly human silence. There is sound; of water moving, cicadas buzzing, birds speaking, leaves rustling, the hushed crunch made by things scampering across the ground.


But no human sound: save for the swish of rod and line through still, evening air.


"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." ~ Loren Eisley


Not too far away from where we are wading (happy as can be are we to be doing this, standing up to our you-know-whats in flowing water) are hamburger, pizza and taco stands; pharmacies, convenience stores, and gas stations; trains, planes and automobiles; radios, TVs and little digital contraptions, too.


But not right here. Not in our little corner of the Earth.


So, how far away is “far enough away” in miles? In hours or minutes? Or can it just be out of sight, out of sound, out of mind? There is nothing; we are off the grid, not even vapor trails of jet engines can be seen in the sky. Just....silence.


But the silence is, however, palpable. Not heard, but felt. There is a pressure on the eardrums - the sound waves of no known sound, pressing inward on ears semi-consciously searching for the pitch and frequency of familiar sounds. City sounds; human sounds.


I imagine a sign near the water: “Achtung! Headphones und I-Pods verboten!” "Silence!"

“Und, Ja! Wir sprechen mit Ihnen!” (Yes! We are talking to You!). That would kinda’ make one take out the earbuds and look around, wouldn’t it? :-) But such signs are not warranted, not in this place: in my quiet, in your quiet, in this universal quiet.


Every now and then, you exhale a deep breath. It, almost, reverberates. “My, that was loud,” you think.


It is only then you notice that your breathing is slower, deeper, comforting, relaxed – more so than the way you usually have to make yourself breathe at the end of your adult day.


Sometimes you feel an urge to yell; just to be sure you are still alive in this place of human absence, but no sound will come from your throat. Perhaps your Spirit-Angel put its hand gently over your mouth, saying, “No, no, little darling. Hush now,” without making a sound of its own. “Yes, a yell would be sacrilege,” you think.


We caught fish that night; that was the point in being there. Although, it would seem, any point that takes you "there," could be considered, point enough.


Kankakee River, near Area Seven, west of the Kankakee River State Park and the town of Bourbonnais. Illinois.


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Taken in September 2010