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Friday Night - Conversations

View On Black Large please. - Charlie Rouse, "You Don't Know What Love is"


House 1: Man, wha’s dat? Wha’s, whose, playin dat Sax?

Charlie Rouse.

Sho’ nuff? Alright now Sir, go for it....Tell me what love is. I don't know; but I wanna' know.


House 2: Ain't it ready yet?

No, not yet. About fo’ mo’ minutes.

Hungry here, baby – I might jus’ start without ‘em.

Oh no, you won’t!


House 3: Hey! Keisha, Steve Harvey show on, you said let you know.

Uh huh....


House 2: Y’know, I don’t know why you go to that shop. They never do your hair right.

But that’s my girl, Mark, so I gotta go there.

Then stop complaining 'bout the job she do. I ain’t.

Shit, my ends is split. You gonna’ cut ‘em?

Scissors right here, Mama.

Oh hell no, get away from me wit those..(laughter)


House 1: Y’know I got that album with Monk & Charlie Rouse on it. I ‘oughta bring dat over sum time.

Anytime be fine with me, but bring some Johnny Red when you do. I’m low.

Who dat's on Piano? Who Piano man?

Billy Gardner. I seen him once. Block'em out like Red Garland.


House 3: Hey,! I said Steve Harvey on…..


House 2: Who’s that in the alley?

Who? Where? Oh dat? Dat’s Mr. Smiff.

Mr. Smiff?

The policeman. 3rd district up on Cottage Grove.

I thought he’s retired. So, why he always walkin’ the alley at night?

Hey, once a cop, y’know.

Yeah, heard that.


House 3: Who’s cookin’ cornbread? I smell cornbread. Hot-water bread.

Dem people nex' door – Friday night, greens and cornbread.

We oughta’ be over there. Sweets, too, I bet...

I already ordered ribs – you just gotta’ get up off yo' lazy ass and go pick ‘em up.

Do they come with cornbread?


House 1: Man, I needs me a woman. Dance with.

Dancin' in the dark, mo like it.

Yeah, dat too. But some slidin' and glidin' to Charlie here.

Put on dem sleek silver slippers and trip a light fantastic toe.

Dig it.


House 3: What GIRL? You deaf? I said Steve….

I got it, Mama...daaamn.

Oh, OK.


House 4: (next door) Hey, Bob. Whatchu’ takin’ pictures of in the dark?

Hey Rog, jus' the sky, the alley, nuttin much.

How the fishin?


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I walked out the back door to put out the garbage. I saw this. I turned around, came in, got the D200, the 35 - 80mm and the tripod. Heard the sounds of a neighborhood at night. Took two shots, came back in, closed the door.


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Taken on December 11, 2009