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A report carried in the national press recently tells of a one in a million shot by a communal farmer. A Mrs. Sophia Magunga, aged 32, who dropped a bull elephant with a single shot from a .303 rifle, had confronted the animal whilst it was raiding her cotton field at Mashiri Village in Garuve (a small town in the north close to the Zambezi Valley). The fatal shot followed a warning shot fired into the air, which was unsuccessful at deterring the unwanted raider.


Unfortunately, we were unable to gather any additional information, but the one-shot kill does raise some interesting questions. Was it a brain or body shot? Did Mrs. Maganga know where to aim (even roughly)? How reliable was the ammunition she was using? How reliable or serviceable was the weapon? Whatever the finer points of the actual kill, she is extremely brave to face an angry bull elephant, and lucky that at that particular moment, everything came together to produce a killing shot with a weapon hardly suited for elephant hunting.


The report goes to say that the police were not going to press charges for the kill, as it was considered a case of self defence. They recovered the tusks and handed them over to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management where they will be stored along with other recovered ivory for eventual sale.

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Uploaded on April 4, 2005