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    I swear on my life this is 100% real. I was walking down the street looking for stuff to photograph and this guy is just sitting outside a coffee shop with this 80 year old woman and he is taking these little sofa things out of a bag. Then he opens another compartment in the bag and there are about five lizards like this guy. Then he would pose them and they would just sit there like this. Don't really know why.

    He didn't really explain much but he did say they take about three months to train them to do this. I didn't bother asking if he only trained his lizards to sit in relaxing human posses or if there were other ones too. The whole thing was just to oddly perfect, I really didn't need him to go in to detail.

    Also I like the surprising detailed craftsmanship of the sofa. Now I can say I've truly seen it all!

    This photo was featured on Curbed LA, LAist and Digg...and a bunch of others at this point.

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    1. ilovethirdplanet 87 months ago | reply

      liked this one!!!

    2. gyselinck2007 87 months ago | reply

      This is actually a bit of animal cruelty. The reason that the Chinese Water Dragon pictured is sitting still is that lizards, like frogs, have a rib cage that will press against their lungs when they are placed in certain positions, such as on their back. The near-suffocation that they feel is what causes them to sit still in a sort of paralysis. This is why frogs will become "hypnotized" when somebody lays them on their back. Essentially, these poor reptiles are being asphyxiated for some street entertainment.

    3. The Aly 85 months ago | reply

      HAH! I love it! XD

    4. SIMONE LODA BRIONA  85 months ago | reply

      Io ne ho due, ma non stanno mai in questa posizione!

    5. Agamid 84 months ago | reply

      this is brilliant! i used to get a reptile magazine sent to me from the states that always had a section with photos like this, but it still amuses me no end :D

    6. mkgphotoatgmail 84 months ago | reply

      i don't usually comment twice on a photo, but i still love this shot.

      and to gyselinck2000...nobody asked you to comment on this picture. you don't even share your own pictures, so keep your pie hole closed. most of us are here to enjoy ourselves, not find the faults of others.

      the icon of the user just below your comment is just perfect.

    7. manmadepants 84 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm really glad this photo has been enjoyed by so many.

      Like I said. I didn't make the lizard do this, I just took a picture.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    8. jantutu 83 months ago | reply

      I looked, said "no way" looked at the title- and had a belly laugh! Brilliant!!!

    9. Tynan Phillips 83 months ago | reply

      That is such an awesome photo. Bravo on spotting it and enquiring about it and its story however odd it was.

    10. Stephie189 81 months ago | reply

      (lounge lizard.... *snicker*)

      Landed here via Stumble....

    11. smellslikeb a b s [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      haha yessssss

    12. littleREDelf 78 months ago | reply

      what a great stumble!

    13. Mr DoeyBags [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

      Calssic. I suspect th lizard was cold and therefore a ittle dopey

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    14. allyp73 74 months ago | reply

      Made me laugh. :-)

    15. Evaant14 73 months ago | reply

      lol thats kool i did that to ma iguana check out ma picz... ADD A COMMENT

    16. Bingeye 57 months ago | reply

      : D.......

    17. Luke_23 44 months ago | reply

      This is probably my favourite photo on flickr tbh

    18. RiKx... 34 months ago | reply

      Now I can say I've truly seen it all!

      Really? Have you ever seen a man eat his own head? So then you haven't seen everything and neither have we..

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